How do I publish work on Pobble?

Publishing work on Pobble is quick, easy and inspirational for your pupils!

The best way to do this is logging in via a mobile device with a camera, such as an iPad, phone or tablet.

Then, head to "Lessons", "My Lessons" and click on a lesson you have been creating.



Then, click "Upload" to add your pupil's writing.


Select whose work will be uploaded and click "go to Lesson"


Click "upload work" next to the pupil's name.


Click and drag or select your photos


You then have two publishing options, save to "Evidence bank" or publish for the world to enjoy! Click "Save" when chosen.Screen_Shot_2020-05-20_at_13.47.06.png

Click the "Summary" tab once all work has been uploaded.


You will now be able to deliver your lesson. Below, one piece will be saved to Evidence bank and one will be published. You can also add any tags to the lesson to identify it easily. One final check then click "Close lesson and publish work"


We have created a video (3.1) to walk you through these the steps. You can view it on our training platform.



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