What if I already have pupils on Pobble that have been added manually?

If you already have pupils set up in Pobble manually, we advise to make sure that your lists of pupils in Pobble and your MIS are as similar as possible. For example, before you connect, retire pupils that have left the school and any duplicate pupils.

Any pupils that were on Pobble but are no longer present in the MIS data will be retired after your confirmation. You will also be able to review any anomalies (see screenshot below).


When the process is complete you can access your Pupil list to confirm everything has come across correctly.

You may find that some pupils are still attached to their old, manually created groups. To remove the groups, simply click "view groups", select which one you would like to delete, click the "Action" button and finally "Delete groups". 

Please note, groups directly imported from your MIS cannot be deleted on Pobble - they need to be deleted from your MIS first.



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