Can I set up multiple classes from within my admin account?

If required, as a Pobble Champion you can set up the classes of your teaching colleagues on their behalf. 

Please note, this is only for Pobble Champions setting up their school for the first time.

1. Log into your school dashboard and click "Team"

2. Assign yourself one of your school's memberships, so you now have the capacity to upload a class (guide)

3. Head to "My Class" and add the pupils via CSV or manually (guide)

4. Go back to your school dashboard, "Team", and click "Manage Memberships and Pupils"

5. Transfer both the membership AND the class to their teacher (see step 4 of our transition guide / 1:40 on the video). The previous teacher will be you, the new teacher will be the one you are transferring too. Remember to move both the membership AND the class across, then save.

6. Repeat the above steps for all your memberships and teachers (one by one) until all memberships are assigned and classes uploaded.

Your teachers will now log in and see their pupils in "My Class".