How can I make our pupil's work stand out?

Not only can the Pobble Champion make your school profile look nice. All teachers that upload work can help to represent the school in the best possible way!

Step 1: Create ridiculously exciting titles

You can improve the overall look and feel of your page by giving pupils work unique titles even for the same lesson or class project. Compare this to a row or two of pieces of work all with the same title and it’s easy to see which one you’d scroll past or take the time to read. It’s a chance to make the page look like it’s full of fresh content. Each piece of work will be different and get the attention it deserves.

Step 2: Take better snaps

Take the time to create sharp, well framed and properly angled photos, it’s worth it. Users will be able to see and read it better, leading to more engagement, such as comments, shares and likes. This in turn leads to a child and their parents being more proud of their work, encouraging children to write more and push their writing skills further.

 Step 3: Name your groups well

Did you know that users can find your pupils’ work by searching by class? It’s worth making sure you name your groups in a way that parents and other teachers can relate to.

To change your groups’ names click on “My class” in the main menu. Click on the relevant group to go to the group’s page. Hover over the name to see a little pencil appear. Click it to edit.