How does Pobble keep users safe online?

Pobble is designed and built with safety and security in mind. Pobble has implemented a number of specific measures to ensure that users stay safe online:

Uploads are controlled by teachers – before any work is published, this needs to be approved by the child’s teacher.

Moderation of comments – we moderate comments on the platform from non-teacher verified users to ensure they are appropriate.

Teacher status confirmation – we confirm the identity of all teachers who sign up to the platform before assigning them with teacher status (which provides them access to extended functionality).

No hidden platform areas – pupils can only access publicly accessible parts of the website, and areas that their teachers can access, meaning that no private interactions of any kind can happen.

Personal data – we only collect and store personal data that is needed to provide an effective service (as defined in section 1 of our Privacy Policy).

Also, in our day-to-day work we keep safety and security front of mind:

Technical infrastructure – we use the most up-to-date technology to run Pobble and ensure data safety and security is a key consideration when taking functionality or architecture decisions.

Operational measures – we implement best-practices regarding safety and security in all areas of the business (minimal access to data, development best-practices, clear incident processes, etc.) 

Team – every member of our team is DBS checked and receives mandatory training on safety and security.

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