Why do we ask for parental permission before allowing pupils to use Pobble?

We explicitly ask for parental permission before allowing pupils on the platform for three reasons:

1. Pobble may hold personal data about pupils (as defined in section 1 of our Privacy Policy) This requires specific permission.

2. Teachers and schools pay to use Pobble and therefore it is important to clearly define the right to commercialise content shared on the platform (as defined in section 9 of our Terms of Use)

3. Some of us are parents, too. We believe it is important that the parents of our child users are aware that their child is signing up to an educational platform. They play a crucial role in making it successful, and they should have the opportunity to ask any questions and raise any concerns.

Whilst we’re aware that some school IT policies signed by parents contain provision for the sharing and holding of personal data and for the commercialisation of content shared on platforms (and many platforms rely on this), some school IT policies do not. We don’t believe in taking risks when it comes to user safety online and it’s not feasible to review every single school IT policy to find specific reference to these items.

Following clear guidance from our lawyers Wiggin LLP, we believe that the only safe, compliant and correct way to operate Pobble is by asking for specific permission from a parent or carer for every child account that is set up. This protects the child, parent, teacher, school and Pobble, which is consistent with our philosophy that online user safety is paramount for our community.

Parents provide permission by clicking on a link in an email (email address provided by the school) confirming agreement to our Terms of Use, or as a paper form to be attached to the child’s account (verified by a teacher).


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