What is a Pobble Champion?

A Pobble Champion is a member of the school team who leads Pobble in your school. They help to make Pobble a success. A PC is passionate about writing, and usually a deputy or assistant head, or an English leader.

Being a Pobble Champion has many perks. First of all, you have access to awesome resources for teaching writing. You also have access to our Pobble Champion networks on social media to gain further inspiration, share ideas and connect with fellow PCs. Finally, you get have heaps of support from our Customer Happiness team to make writing ridiculously exciting across school.

Our PCs can also have control of the school dashboard that allows them to invite and remove teacher colleagues, manage packages, edit their school profile and monitor work submissions / comments in the school. However, you can always re-assign these admin tasks to another member of the team (perhaps the ICT coordinator) if you just wish to focus on celebrating Pobble - just click  "School dashboard" and "Team".

Take a look at this brilliant blog post by one of our Pobble Champions in North Yorkshire for some ideas!


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