What should I do at the beginning of the school year?

Remember that you can link Pobble to your MIS (SIMS, Arbor, Scholarpack, etc.) to automate this process. Please see this article or get in touch with for more information.

With a new school year upon us, your Pobble pupils will now need to be moved up into their new classes (or in the case of Year 6, bid a fond farewell!). You may also have new teachers who have just joined your school, existing teachers who have moved between classes or year groups, and former teachers who have left your school or retired.

Please note that before you add any new pupils to Pobble, we recommend parents are informed about Pobble. If you are a Pobble School our letter pack is available in your Action Plan via the set up guide or alternatively as a download in step 2 of the "add pupils" screen.

Here's how to set up your school for the new school year:

On your Team page:

1. Add all new teachers to your team

2. Remove any teachers who may have left the school

On your Pupils page:

3. Retire last year’s oldest year group 

4. Incrementally raise the age group for all pupils 

5. Add the new pupils in your school 

6. Assign all pupils to the correct groups  



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