How can I obtain parental permission to share my pupil's writing?

Parental permission is required to ensure privacy and maintain our commitment to providing a safe online environment.

There are two methods

1. Parental email address. These can be added either when you initially upload your class, or within each individual pupil's profile (see screenshot below). The parent receives an email containing a link to give permission to share their child's work. Benefits of this include an email notification to the parent each time a piece of work by their child has been shared.

2. Paper permissions. If the parent does not have an email address, you can upload a permission document via the pupil's profile. Please note that the teacher takes responsibility that this document indeed has the proper content (signature of the correct parent, etc).

We have created an example of a parent permission letter that you can use in your school. This can be downloaded here.

Granting parental permission by either of these methods generates a passcode for the pupil, located in the bottom left of their individual profile (see screenshot) who can then use this passcode to log in.

If no permissions are present, the pupil can have up to 4 pieces uploaded, but do not receive a passcode.

If, at any time, a parent explicitly denies permission, this overrides anything else (such as the paper form or other parents that have given permission).