Sounds great! So, how do I add my colleagues to my school account? (Video)

As a Pobble Champion you can manage who is part of your school on Pobble, and what memberships they have.

Within your School Dashboard, click "Team" and you will see both a list of approved teachers ("Your team") and a list of pending.

For approved teachers, you can choose to assign them a membership, make them a Pobble Champion along with yourself, or remove them.

To add a new teacher, enter their email address in the box as shown below (located below the list of team members). They will be sent a verification link and their name will appear in the list of pending team members.

Once they have clicked this link, they will be able to register and be moved into "Your team".  As a Pobble Champion, you can also approve these teachers yourself and assign a membership or remove them.

Note: As the first teacher in your school you will automatically be a Pobble Champion for your Pobble account.