Great! So, how can I get teacher access?

You can gain teacher access in two ways

1. Registering as a teacher via our homepage

2. Being invited first to register by the Pobble Champion in your school

Via either method, once you sign up as a teacher, we'll verify your identity and give you free access to all of Pobble for about one month. After that we have memberships ranging from unlimited posts to just 2 posts a week.

Of course, if your school has already joined Pobble and paid for memberships, these will be assigned to you.

Most schools where Pobble becomes popular invite us to work with them to realise the potential of Pobble. Based on the school's situation we arrange writing workshops, assemblies, staff training, and even case studies to demonstrate the impact of Pobble on learning outcomes. And, of course, we make sure every teacher in the school gets the most out of Pobble. Have a look at Pobble for Schools if that sounds of interest.