How can I set up my pupils' accounts? (Video)

Please note that before you add any new pupils to Pobble, we recommend parents are informed about Pobble using our Letter A template - this is available in your parent pack if you are a Pobble School or as a download in step 2 on the "add pupils" screen.

You can set pupils up on Pobble in one of two ways.

You can link Pobble to your MIS (SIMS, Arbor, Scholarpack, etc.) to automate the process.

Alternatively, you can add pupils manually to Pobble. In the header, choose 'Pupils' and then click 'Add pupils'.

You can input your pupil's data one by one or import all pupils at the same time with a .CSV file. You can find a guide on how to generate a .CSV file via SIMS here.

Please ensure the data in your .CSV file (column headers and date of birth format, for example) matches our template below.


Lastly, click 'Save'. The pupils will be created and you will return to your list of pupils.

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