How can I set up my class? (Video)

It is easy to set up your class in Pobble. One method is to upload an CSV file of your class and we take care of the rest. 

The file can be exported by your office administrator from your school information system such as SIMs. A pdf guide to this process, via SIMs, can be found here.

We also have a csv template that can be downloaded and the data copied and pasted. The required fields are "First Name", "Last Name", "DOB" (dd/mm/yyyy format) with parent email (for permissions) and Internal pupil ID optional.

Note if you have several class members with the same first and last name, you can use a "known as" name that you use in your school.

You are then able to create groups for your pupils within your class (all the pupils go into one group as default)


Within each group you can view a list of your students and their status, for example

  • how many pieces of work they have uploaded
  • the number of comments they have made
  • if they have parental permission to publish and comment
  • if they have a passcode to access their pupil login