Can I use Pobble to assess and moderate my students' work?

Please note that assessment and moderation on Pobble is still being developed. You can request access via

You can create an assessment portfolio from any work that has been published or has been saved to your evidence bank.

Click 'Pupils' in the header, select a pupil and choose the 'Work' tab at the top. Select a piece of work using the tick boxes on the left-hand-side and then click 'Assess work'.



Once you have given a title to your file, it will appear under the 'Assessment portfolio' tab. You can click 'View assessment file' to get started.


Within the assessment file, click a specific piece of work. On the right-hand-side there is a set of criteria in accordance with the STA's teaching assessment framework. Select one of the criteria and when you see a good example of this in the writing, capture it as evidence against that objective. Simply click and drag to highlight it, confirm and save! You can also make annotations to the work for others to see.


You can collaborate with your colleagues to moderate your judgements. Head back to the cover of the assessment file and scroll down. Click the blue '+' to invite fellow teachers to moderate the assessment and leave their own annotations. A real time-saver! 

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