Can I use Pobble to assess and moderate my students' work?

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Not all work is published publicly to Pobble - some can be saved to your evidence bank during this process to create an Assessment portfolio.

Once your work has been uploaded, head to the "Work" section of the pupil's profile and click "Assess work".


Once you have given a title to your file, it will then appear under "Assessment portfolio". Click "View assessment file" next to that piece of work to get started!


On the cover of the file, click the title of the work.


On the right hand side there is a set of criteria, usually the interim framework. You can select an objective, such as "using different verb forms mostly accurately".


If you see a nice example of this in the writing, you can capture this example as future evidence against that objective. Just click and drag to highlight it, confirm and save! You can also make annotations to the work for others to see.


Even better, you can then collaborate with your colleagues to moderate that judgement. Head back to the cover of the assessment file and scroll down. Invite fellow teachers in to take a look at your judgement, leave their own annotations and decide if it does indeed hit the criteria you are looking for. You can even leave notes for them....a real time saver!


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