How can I get parental permissions? (Video)

It's paramount to connect your pupils' parents to Pobble. Initially, they provide permission for their child to use Pobble. After that they will engage with the platform, and support the learning experience.

Method 1: connect parents when creating your pupils' accounts.

When you manually add pupils to Pobble, you can provide an parent email address. When the pupils created, an email is automatically sent to ask for parental permission. When the parent signs up for Pobble, their account will also be automatically linked.

Method 2: connect parents via the pupil profile.

For existing pupils, on their profile you add parents' email addresses. When the pupil has no parental permissions, this is requested automatically. Also accounts are automatically linked when the parent signs up.

Method 3: obtain permissions on paper.

In some cases, you might not have an email address available. In that case you can use our parent permission letter and upload a photograph of that (jpeg/png - pdfs will not work) into the pupil's profile. Please note that the teacher takes responsibility that this document indeed has the proper content (signature of the correct parent, etc). 


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