How can I link Pobble to my MIS?

Whilst you can link Pobble to your MIS (e.g. SIMS, RM, Scholarpack) you can also manage Pobble manually. Read how to add pupils and add them to groups.

Why should you do this?

By linking Pobble to your MIS, you will save time: all pupils and groups will be set up automatically.  Going forward, any changes in your MIS (e.g. new pupils, or pupils that leave the school) will be automatically applied to Pobble.

What should I do first?

We need to identify your pupils on Pobble with the ones in your MIS. Partially, this will be fully automatic. In some cases, you or one of your teaching colleagues will need to confirm before we complete the operation. That way you’re sure no information will be unintentionally lost.

If you have pupils set up in Pobble manually, we advise to make sure that your lists of pupils in Pobble and your MIS are as similar as possible. For example, before you connect, retire pupils that have left the school and any duplicate pupils.

How can I do this?

Step 1. As an administrator for your school, you can navigate to your school dashboard. On the “Data” tab you will see a “Connect” button to establish the connection with your MIS.


Step 2. You will need to authorise the connection. In order to facilitate this, our partner Wonde will contact you. To speed things up, you can also book a call with them. Once Pobble has access to your MIS, the data will be imported.


Step 3. Any pupils that were on Pobble but are no longer present in the MIS data will be retired after your confirmation. To start this process, navigate to your Pupil list. When the process is complete you can access your Pupil list to confirm everything has come across correctly.


Note that data from your MIS cannot be changed in Pobble directly, only in your MIS. Click "refresh" and these changes will be synced over to Pobble. 

Parent emails

By default parent data is NOT imported. Once you are happy all the pupil data has synced correctly, tick the "import parents..." box as below and save changes. On the next download we'll import the parent data and send emails to them all for parental permission.


Please contact for additional support.



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