How can I add pupils to Pobble via our school MIS?

Pobble Schools can link Pobble to their MIS (e.g. SIMS, RM, Scholarpack) so that any changes in your MIS (e.g. new pupils or pupils that leave the school) will be automatically updated on Pobble, saving valuable time!

Step 1. Ensure parents have been informed using our Letter A template - this is available as a download in your set up guide or in step 2 of the "add pupils" screen.

Step 2 (if applicable). If you already have pupils on Pobble that have been added manually, ensure that your lists of pupils in Pobble and your MIS are as similar as possible. For example, this may involve removing any old Year 6 pupils from Pobble who are no longer on your MIS. Please click here for more information on how to do this, if required.

Step 3. As an administrator for your school, click on your account icon in the header and select 'School dashboard'. On the 'Data' tab, click the 'Connect' button.


Step 4. You will need to authorise the connection. In order to facilitate this, our partner Wonde will contact you. To speed things up, you can also book a call with them. 


Step 5. Wonde will then take you through the next steps of the process:

-You will receive an email from which will invite you to create your "Wonde Portal" account. 

-Once logged in to this account, select "Pobble Education Ltd" and review the permissions. 

-If you are happy to continue, click the "Approve" button located in the top right hand corner.

For more information about this process, please visit Wonde and School Data Management.

Your pupil data should be synced over to Pobble within 2-4 hours after approval has been given. Please also note that by default, ALL pupils on your MIS are uploaded to Pobble. The articles below will help you to manage your pupil data.

I just want to sync a year group or key stage, not the whole school?

A parent has not given permission, how do I exclude the pupil from the sync?

How do I send parent permission emails now our MIS is synced?


Please contact for additional support.



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